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EU projects



Digitization and automation of the activities of Synthesis Consulting Group, UAB


JSC “Synthesis Consulting Group” is implementing a project during which it seeks to digitize the processes of market analysis activities and create an analytical tool that allows to automate the analysis of competitive brands, products and services based on communication presented in digital channels. It is envisaged that the developed analysis tool will allow to automate the collection and categorical structuring of brand positioning information, the formation of primary insights related to positioning. Will allow you to track brands in a specific industry, record changes in their representative content


The planned result of the project is the creation of an analytical tool that digitizes the processes of market analysis activities.


The project is funded by the own funds of JSC “Synthesis Consulting Group” and the European Regional Development Fund as a tool of the European Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic under the years 2014-2020. Priority 13 measure no. 13.1.1-LVPA-K-309 of the Operational Programme for the Investment of Union Funds “Incentives to improve the infrastructure of enterprises of cultural and creative industries”. Eur 102,050.69 has been allocated from the European Regional Development Fund for the implementation of the project.


The name of the project is “Development of digital, circular economy services / products of UAB Synthesis Consulting Group by investing in the infrastructure necessary for the development of CCI products”.


Project implementation period – 2022-07-29 – 2023-08-31.