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From brand boutique to consulting group

Synthesis started in 2016 as a boutique consultancy focused on strategic branding. However, we quickly learned that in order to truly drive growth, creating or updating a brand was not enough. Clients were asking us to dive-deeper to help re-align product, sales, marketing, and internal communication under a common operating system of guidance and prioritisation. By 2019, we transformed ourselves into a group of specialised consultancies capable of accompanying and advising our clients on every step of their transformation projects, backed by research and with focus on hands-on practical implementation.

Operating principles

Our interdisciplinary deep-dive approach cuts through complexity and sets the right priorities for action.
01 Cross-functional
Specialised know, interdisciplinary how
We help organisations align disciplines that usually work separately, enabling better cooperation between sales, marketing, and product functions. Because of this, changes become tangible, sustainable and push toward a common goal.
02 Research-backed
Internal and external context uncovered
We make sure strategic decisions are taken with all relevant data and insight taken into account, using our dedicated research unit for quantitative and qualitative analysis. Because of this, external voices are heard and blind spots removed.
03 Actionable
Implementation and action planning
We keep an eye on the implementation from the very start of any project, ensuring that practical considerations are never ignored. Because of this, the outcome of our projects is not just nice on paper, but functional in real life.

Track record

  • Projects
    strategic projects and counting
  • Sectors
    Tech, B2B, startup, financial, export-oriented
  • Countries
    markets on 3 continents


We work closely with company leadership teams to bring transformational projects to life.
  • Brand
    • Brand creation
    • Brand strategy
    • Rebranding
    • Brand architecture
    • Communication strategy
  • Product
    • Product and service strategy
    • Customer experience
    • Innovation session
    • Product audit
    • Hypothesis formulation
  • Research
    • B2B client research
    • B2C user research
    • Hypothesis testing
    • CX research
    • Competitive analysis
  • Sales
    • Sales strategy
    • Go-to-market strategy
    • Sales materials
  • andstudio
    • Design strategy
    • Identity design
    • Art direction
    • Digital design


  • Gediminas Užkuraitis
    CEO, partner
  • Gailė Andriuškevičiūtė
    Strategist, partner
  • Andrius Grigorjevas
    Strategist, partner
  • Rapolas Ručinskas
    Strategist, partner
  • Marija Bliuvaitė
  • Martin Aubel
    Data lead
  • Ieva Gladutytė
  • Erika Baryzaitė
    Office Manager
  • Rene Fischer
  • Augustinas Paukštė
    andstudio: Creative director
  • Domas Mikšys
    andstudio: Art director
  • Diana Abramavičiūtė
    andstudio: CEO & Project lead
  • Rugilė Jasiulionytė
    andstudio: Project manager
  • Deimantė Saulytė
    andstudio: Designer
  • Emilija Vasiulytė
    andstudio: Project Manager
  • Ignas Vėželis
    andstudio: Designer
  • Kamilė Korsakaitė
    andstudio: Designer


Our strength is in the diverse expertise and backgrounds of our team. We are the synthesis of a multi-national team with backgrounds in fields of business, semiotics, design, philosophy, politics, history, philology, creative, and more.